AATO Mission Statement:
The Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario is dedicated to the representation of its Members, the preservation and advancement of their professional ‘right to practice’.

AATO Members are highly qualified design and building specialists, who create innovative and practical solutions in the diverse and constantly evolving architectural and construction industry.

The AATO adheres to a strict code of professional ethics, by promoting public safety and pursuing ongoing education and training in the building sciences.

The Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario is the only qualifying body in Ontario for Architectural Technologist and Technicians, Registered Building
Technologists and Technicians.

Primarily, accredited members have graduated from a recognized program of architectural or building technology, participated in a series of upgrading courses and lectures, fulfilled an internship work experience program and successfully completed a formal examination. Persons who do not meet the minimum requirements must upgrade to the level of the architectural or building technology graduate, according to the Association’s guidelines, prior to participation in the accredited process.

To find out more about the Association, please visit the provincial website at http://aato.on.ca/. To get background information on the AATO Ottawa Chapter simply click on this link.

Who we are:
In 1996 Bill Pr-40, an Act respecting the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario was established by the Ontario Legislature. The Act recognizes the AATO’s responsibilities for the following titles:

Architectural Technologist
Architect Technician
Registered Building Technologist
Registered Building Technician

AATO members work in a variety of positions including designers, project managers, municipal plans examiners, building inspectors, project supervisors, specification
writers and general contractors. Many of our members can be found in architectural
and engineering offices, varying government agencies or in other construction related occupations. In any position held by one of our members, the work is carried out in a professional, ethical manner with public safety being held paramount.